About AfricaTown

Africa Town is designed to become an economic development initiative to create jobs, for our youth, in Southwest Philadelphia, increase business ownership among the residents of the community and eliminate poverty in one of the most economically depressed communities in Philadelphia. To accomplish these objectives, Africa Town, being developed in the community will become a "Tourist Destination Point " for the global African diaspora and other interested persons. Most of the infrastructure already exist in the southwest community, in which Africa Town will be situated. Most important are the nearly 500 businesses owned by immigrants that live and work in the community. To accommodate the thousands of new visitors to southwest, additional infrastructure will be required, and several buildings will be proposed to attract businesses, tourist, and shoppers to patronize the many immigrant businesses on the commercial corridors in Africa Town.

Welcome to AfricaTown


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Welcome To AfricaTown

What could be better in the 400th year of African presence in the United States than a model “AFRICA TOWN” in Philadelphia that is a healthy and safe commercial environment that is a major tourist destination. Africa Town is a major development in the southwest Philadelphia community. The concept is built upon the fact that the African and Caribbean immigrant community and others have contributed to the development of several vibrant commercial corridors in the area.

The African Diaspora in Philadelphia

The African Diaspora has been at the core of Philadelphia's social, cultural, political and economic life for more than two centuries. Few American cities are as rich as Philadelphia in African diversity. Based on the latest PEW research it is estimated that in the Greater Philadelphia Region, there are over 120,000 African and Caribbean immigrants from some 35 different. the African American community in Philadelphia has an historic reach to Africa and Caribbean and has accepted immigrants from these regions into our homes and families and have welcomed the advent of Africa Town idea.

Africatown has been here for years!

With very little assistance from the public sector, the immigrant businesses have grown and continue to make substantial contributions by providing goods, services and jobs to the community. With these existing assets and investments already in the community, there is an opportunity to develop a destination point for tourists in Southwest Philadelphia. Furthermore, because of the significant concentrations of African, Caribbean and other immigrants in the community, one can celebrate the rich and diverse culture of the community and brand it as Africa Town .

Africatown on the Map

Africatown covers both the 2nd and 3rd city council districts